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 If your refrigeration equipement is making a loud noise, sometime it means maybe a faulty a dry wheel bearing in the induction motor may need to be replace or lube. Call Refrigeration Man Services to get it working fast. 

What ever the type or make of your equipment we have the expertise to maintain it.

Our service agreements have been developed using the benefit of our many years of experience to tailor the needs of our customer's refrigeration plants. By taking out a maintenance/service agreement with Refrigeration Services you are entering into a partnership with us to ensure your refrigeration plant is kept in top condition and meets all legal requirements.
PLANNED MAINTENANCE - Helps to prolong the life of the machinery, and prevent further costly damage. Planned maintenance programs are customise to meet the needs of your equipment and facility to ensure compliance with industry standards,m proper operation and preservation of your investment.
VIBRATION ANALYSIS - Are performed to evaluate the current machine condition, diagnose fault and monitor trending of the overall condition, with the use of state of the art microlog analyser, helps in predicting failures in advance.
LASER ALIGNMENT - Guarantees stable and reliable measurment values to assess accurately with bearing, belt, and sheave and pulley alignment. Using this method can reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals while also reducing vibration and extending the life of the machine.