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          1: What is your call out fee?

          A: Yes charge Call out fee $99

          2: What does you call out fee include?

          A: Our call out fee includes for a fully qualified technician to come and do a full assessment on  your air con/fridge in your shop or House or Factory or Warehouse or Boat. 

          3: If the system needs a spare part would that be extra cost?

          A: Yes, if the system does require parts you will get quoted separately.

          4: How long does it take for a technician to be sent out?

          A: Depending on how many bookings there are, but we do generally give same day service.

          5: Are your technicians fully qualified and licenced?

          A: Yes definitely, all technicians are fully qualified and carry an Air-conditioning and refrigeration licence.

          6: Do you re-gas air-conditioning systems?

          A: Yes, we do.

          7: How long does it generally take for a repair to be done?

          A: Depending on what has been diagnosed with the system, generally we can fix it on the spot if we have parts on hand.

          8: If the system has been assessed and is unable to be fixed, do we still get charged the call out fee?

          A: Yes, This is the fee to get a fully qualified technician to come out and assess the system.

          9: If our air-conditioner cannot be fixed do you supply and install new systems?

          A: Yes, if we find the system is old and it cannot be fixed then, we can give you a quote to get a new air-conditioner or fridge supplied and fully installed.

          10: Does your work come with warranty?

          A: Yes, our parts do come with warranty.

11:Q: Do I have to pay on the day? 

A: Yes! All work must be paid for on completion. Strictly COD.

12:Q: Some other company’s Advertise a free service call or free quote, Why doesn't yours?

A: Most of the time nothing is for free, “It’s free with repair”. Meaning if you were to reject their quote if too high, they will still make you pay for their call out. It’s not a free service. Service costs money in the form of licensing, insurance, petrol, people labour, vehicles, telephones etc. We are in the business of providing honest, reliable and cost effective flat fee labour costs so you get the best.

          For further information on our commercial and residential services, contact Refrigeration Man™